Why Your Invisalign Treatment Is Taking So Long

Why is your Invisalign treatment taking such a long time, you wonder? While the predicted course of treatment may vary a bit as you go, and while you really shouldn’t compare your treatment duration to that of a friend or family member, one thing is certain: Aside from these considerations, there are most definitely things you may be doing (or not doing) that can negatively impact the consistent progression and success of your smile alignment. Curious about what might be throwing your timeline off, so you can get back on track? Our Sheridan, WY practice has some helpful information!

You’re Not Following Our Suggestions For Daily Wear

Unfortunately, if you aren’t consistent with daily wear, you may end up facing a slow-down in the progression of your Invisalign treatment. Remember that for the most part, your clear aligner trays should be in place all day long. Of course, you are allowed to have them out of your mouth for a total of four hours tops. However, we recommend wearing them for 20 hours to 22 hours daily.

You Keep Losing Your Trays

We remind you that when you lose your trays, you don’t get to wear them for the time that they are lost. Particularly when this translates into multiple hours or even days of wear, you’re setting yourself back by quite a significant amount of time. So, do your best to keep up with your Invisalign treatment trays!

You’ve Damaged The Trays

While you may be keeping up with your trays and you’re wearing them, if you aren’t taking good care of them and they become damaged, then they may not be guiding your teeth as intended. This will slow the process. Be certain to avoid eating with them or cleansing or storing them in any way other than those included in our directions.

You Miss Your Visits

Remember that part of your Invisalign treatment process includes visiting us for follow-ups, as you graduate through the series of trays you will wear throughout the course of your smile improvement. If you’re missing visits, then you’re stalling your ability to move forward and to further align your smile. Keep up with the details!

Promote Successful Invisalign Treatment With Us

Remember that in order to enjoy your most successful experience with Invisalign treatment, seeing our team for guidelines and following up with care will get you there! For more information, schedule an appointment by calling Grinnell Street Dental at 307-672-7567. Our dentist’s office is located in Sheridan, WY, and we proudly serve patients from all surrounding communities, including Gillette, Billings, Miles City, and more.