2 Changes You Can Make To Prevent Gum Disease

2 Changes You Can Make To Prevent Gum DiseaseGum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is the leading cause of tooth loss. That is because it is an incredibly common condition that often goes unchecked to the point of severity. Despite being a common condition, gum disease is actually preventable. Vigilant oral hygiene and routine dental cleanings can help keep gum disease at bay. If you have noticed any signs of gum disease, such as puffy, red, or bleeding gums, be sure to schedule a consultation with Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY as soon as possible. Ignoring the signs can allow it to progress and worsen. 

#1: Amp Up Your Hygiene

Gum disease is caused by bacteria. Bacteria that builds up along the gums and teeth can irritate the gum tissue to cause inflammation. This inflammation is the first stage of gum disease known as gingivitis. If caught early enough, gingivitis can sometimes be reversed through improved oral hygiene. To improve your hygiene routine, be sure that you are doing it at least twice a day for two minutes a session. Be sure to brush the surface of each tooth and along the gum line. A soft-bristled brush is recommended to not cause damage to the teeth or gums. Brushing or cleaning the tongue can help remove bacteria from the smile. Flossing at least once a day can help clear away buildup between the teeth and along the gums.

#2: Keep Routine Cleanings

A routine dental cleaning gives your dentist or hygienist a chance to remove bacteria that you may not be able to remove at home. It also gives them a chance to notice any signs of gum disease, so that it may be dealt with early. It is recommended that dental cleanings be done at least twice a year. Although if you do have signs of gum disease, an increase in the amount of dental cleanings may become necessary to keep bacteria from causing smile damage.

Gum disease can be detrimental to your smile

Preventing gum disease can help you keep your oral health intact. Schedule a consultation by calling Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY, at (307) 672-7567. We also proudly serve the residents of Gillette, Billings, Miles City, and all surrounding communities.