Is My Morning Coffee A Problem?

Is My Morning Coffee A Problem?Are you a person that needs coffee to start your day off right? Maybe you just like the taste of a good cup of joe? Perhaps you like an afternoon pick me up with a cup of java? If you are a person who likes coffee, you probably want to know if it is causing any problems for your smile. The unfortunate news is that it could be. Now the problems that your cup of coffee depends on your individual smile and your cup of coffee, but for many people, coffee can stain the teeth. If you want help dealing with coffee’s affects on your smile, your dental team in Sheridan, WY is here to help. 

Staining Your Smile

The dark color of coffee can stain your teeth’s enamel. There are three important ways to offset this discoloration. One way is for you to sip water in between your sips of coffee. Another way is to limit the length of time that you are sipping on your coffee. Rather than having a cup of coffee on your desk all day, limit it to one cup at a time that you purposefully drink. Another preventive tip is to brush your teeth after you drink coffee. It can help the stains from setting and it can keep your breath fresh. If you do end up with stains on your teeth, try a routine dental cleaning or a professional whitening treatment to get your teeth back to a sparkling, healthy shade.

Are You Adding Sugar?

Black coffee is acidic, but it is not terribly problematic for your smile. However, if you are a person that likes to doll your coffee up with a lot of cream and sugar, you could be drinking a dessert for breakfast. Consider the amount of sugar you are consuming and what it could be doing for your smile. Try to scale back on the sugar in your coffee as a means to lowering your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Coffee problems are solvable ones

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