Why And When Do I Need A Dental Filling?

Why And When Do I Need A Dental Filling?You likely are doing your best to care of your smile to keep it healthy. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, limiting your sugar intake, drinking plenty of water, and visiting your dentist for regular exams are all great ways to care for your smile’s health. Despite even your strongest efforts, you can still find yourself with a cavity in a tooth. Things beyond your control, such as grinding your teeth (bruxism) or misalignment can lead to tooth decay and cavities. A filling can help restore a tooth with a cavity and stop tooth decay from causing more damage.

The Damage of Your Tooth

When it is still in the earliest stages, tooth decay can sometimes be reversed with a progressional dental cleaning and improved hygiene. Early decay can usually only be spotted by a dental professional since it typically has no noticeable pain or signs to the person it is affecting. This makes it very important to maintain regular check-ups with your dentist. Once tooth decay is allowed to progress and erode the enamel, there is no way to reverse it. However, a filling can be done to stop the decay and restore the enamel. If the decay is left unchecked, it can continue to deepen into the inner pulp, where painful infection and inflammation can develop. At this point, a root canal treatment may be the last stop before a necessary extraction to save the tooth.

How Does a Filling Help?

The first step of a dental filling will be a local anasthetic. Next, your dentist will completely disinfect the tooth and remove any damaged pieces of tooth or remnants of decay. Your dentist will then restore the tooth’s enamel with a composite resin bonding material to restore the tooth’s appearance and function. A strong surface will help protect the tooth from future damage and decay.

Do you need a filling to help your tooth?

A filling can save a tooth from tooth decay. To schedule a consultation by calling Grinnell Street Dental in Sheridan, WY, today at 307-672-7567. We also proudly serve patients of all ages who live in Gillette, Billings, Miles City, and all surrounding communities.