Saving Your Tooth With A Filling

Saving Your Tooth With A Filling You may do the best you can to keep cavities away and your mouth healthy. You may brush and floss twice a day. You might even do it after every meal. Unfortunately, cavities can strike even the mouths of those vigilant about their oral health. Tooth decay can be caused by genetics or tooth grinding or reasons beyond a lax in oral hygiene. Whatever the cause of the cavity, it is important to take care of it as swiftly as possible. If you are going to your recommended dental exams at least twice a year, the odds increase that your dentist can identify a cavity in time to treat it with a filling

What Is A Filling?

A filling involves disinfecting and restoring a tooth that has faced some tooth decay. First, your dentist will apply local anesthesia to the area around the tooth. Next, the tooth will be completely cleaned of any bacteria. Some damaged tooth debris may need to be removed. To protect and restore the tooth, a material will be used to patch the enamel and shore up the tooth. Composite bonding or tooth-colored filling material is a strong, composite resin that looks and acts like a tooth. Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings can seamlessly blend into your smile.

How Does It Save My Tooth?

Tooth decay is a disease that does not go away or heal on it’s own. It will worsen until it is treated. Very early tooth decay can be reversed, but once it becomes a cavity, it must be treated. A cavity is a hole formed in your tooth once the decay has begun to erode the enamel. A filling restores the tooth and removes the decay. Without a filling, the decay will continue to eat away at your tooth. It will dig further within your tooth reaching the inner pulp. At this point, it can become quite painful. It can cause dangerous infections and very painful inflammation. A root canal treatment or even dental extraction may become necessary once tooth decay gets deep within the tooth.

A filling stops tooth decay before it causes more problems

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