Do I Qualify For Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Do I Qualify For Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?Over time and throughout your life, your mouth and smile can take on quite a bit of damage. Whether from decay, injury, accidents, or just aging and wear, your smile may not look the way it used to look. A full-mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive overhaul of your smile. A full-mouth rehabilitation can address both health issues and cosmetic ones. To update your smile, you and your dentist will first decide what your mouth’s needs are, what your smile goals are, and how you want to get there. A full-mouth rehabilitation may include several different treatments spread across multiple consultations and appointments with your dentist. 

Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry

A full-mouth rehabilitation is like working on overhauling a home. You have to work on the structural issues before you can update the cosmetic features. For example, it would be a shame to lay down expensive marble tile on the floor if the foundation is in no condition to support it. A fancy sink is useless if the pipes are rusted. So with your smile, you also want to make sure your mouth is healthy before you address the cosmetic issues. When planning a full-mouth rehabilitation, your doctor will consider your basic health needs. If you need fillings to restore damaged teeth, that may be in the plan prior to whitening your teeth. The health of your mouth has the utmost importance. Along with treating your smile and getting it healthy, a full-mouth rehabilitation can get you that appearance of smile that you are looking for.

Who Qualifies?

A candidate for full-mouth rehabilitation is someone who has several dental issues, is missing multiple teeth, or has several damaged teeth. It could be someone with damaged or broken restorations that need to be repaired or replaced. A qualified candidate is someone who may have oral health issues, but is relatively healthy overall.

Is a full-mouth rehabilitation right for your smile?

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