Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Smile

In this fast moving world, it’s important to slow down and take a breath. If you don’t find time to relax, it can begin to wear down your mental health. Your waning mental health can manifest itself in several different ways. Maybe you’ve noticed you’re always tired or sore for seemingly no reason. Stress can also affect your oral health. Don’t let stress ruin your smile. Being aware of the issues stress can cause on your smile can help you prevent your stress from harming your teeth.

A Crack In The Seams

Living in a heightened state of anxiety can begin to manifest itself physically in a number of ways. One of the ways it does this is by causing you to grind your teeth while you sleep. This grinding can do damage to your oral health. Constant grinding can wear down and weaken your teeth, causing them to fragment and crack. This can lead to infection and possibly even the loss of teeth. Although you might not notice that you’re grinding your teeth, there are several symptoms you may be are suffering from. These symptoms include headaches, jaw and facial soreness, along with difficulty chewing your food.
If you notice you are living with these symptoms, you should schedule a visit with your dentist immediately. Your dentist can examine your mouth and may diagnose you with TMJ. TMJ can be treated using an oral appliance that you can wear while you are sleeping, preventing you from grinding your teeth. Your dentist can also provide you with strengthening exercises, stress reduction techniques, and hot or cold compresses to help you control your soreness.

We Can Help Ease Your Mind

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