Finding The Right Way To Deal With Dental Damage

Dental damage can be significant – you could suffer a serious crack in your tooth, or even lose it in an injury. However, there is also a degree of damage that can build up slowly over time. The strain that everyday habits of biting and chewing can place on teeth can lead to visible wear and tear. The problem can build up more quickly if you have a habit of grinding your teeth (that habit can also lead to more significant damage, and to TMJ problems). If you need serious care for a tooth, your dentist can restore its condition and appearance by providing you with a dental crown. If your problems are more minor, you could benefit from cosmetic care.

Dental Damage That Needs Restorative Care

Dental damage will call for restorative care when the problem is serious enough to compromise how your tooth can hold up under normal stress. If there is damage that affects your daily habits, your dentist can help by providing you with a dental crown. Because your dentist has access to CEREC technology, it is possible for you to receive your crown in one visit, which means you have a solution to your problems in less time.

Dental Damage That Only Causes Superficial Problems

Not everyone who has dental damage needs restorative care. If chips and cracks hurt your smile, but do not have a real impact on your general oral health, porcelain veneers can offer impressive cosmetic results. Once placed, veneers can hide dental damage, as well as a variety of different concerns. Patients who opt for this cosmetic treatment can see a remarkable change take place.