Repairing A Tooth With A Filling Or A Dental Crown

repairing-a-tooth-with-a-filling-or-a-dental-crownThe first step to repairing a tooth that is suffering from decay is to remove the infected area. Once your dentist has removed this portion of your tooth, and cleaned it, they will need to restore it by replacing what was lost. There are two main methods to produce this restoration. If the cavity in question was smaller, you can have your lost material replaced with a dental filling. However, at a certain point, the amount of material lost can be more than a filling can adequately replace. In these situations, you may need to have your tooth restored with a dental crown.

Using A Filling To Restore Your Tooth

A filling made from composite resin will be discreet, as the material is a good visual match with your enamel. Composite resin also offers a strong hold, as this substance is able to bond directly to your tooth.

Using A Dental Crown For Serious Protection

For larger cavities, a dental crown will be needed to cover the tooth. Thanks to the use of CEREC technology, your dentist can actually have your crown ready to place in one visit. A dental crown offers full protection for your tooth, covering it down to your gum line.

Regular Dental Checkups Improve Your Odds Of Having A Cavity Treated Early

If you want to increase your odds of catching a cavity early, make sure you do not miss regular dental appointments. At each visit, your dentist will take a close look at your teeth, to examine for any problems. If something is discovered, you can arrange to have it treated before it becomes more severe.