How Invisalign Corrects Your Alignment Issues

how-invisalign-corrects-your-alignment-issuesIs there a way to enjoy straightened teeth without resorting to conspicuous metal braces? For people with milder alignment issues, Invisalign can make corrections to your teeth, and do not require a notable change in your appearance. The Invisalign aligners are constructed with clear plastic. The material is difficult enough to see for you to wear them without others noticing. Because they are removable, you will still be able to eat, and clean your teeth, without obstruction. While not every person looking to adjust their teeth will be an acceptable candidate, Invisalign offers a real, cosmetically-friendly appliance to help straighten your smile.

A Better Understanding Of What Invisalign Does For Your Teeth

In order to plan out your treatment, your dentist will first need to study your teeth. Software capable of producing 3D images of your teeth can help formulate a course for your correction. You will actually have a sequence of aligning trays. Each tray makes more of an adjustment than the one before, so your teeth are gradually moved into better positions. You can anticipate wearing each tray for around two weeks. While you can remove them when you eat, and when you brush your teeth, you should try to keep your time not wearing them to a minimum.

How Porcelain Veneers Can Make Your Smile Look Straighter

Porcelain veneers can cover up a problem like dental misalignment, to make your smile look better. This treatment has the added benefit of hiding misshapen and damaged teeth, and it can even make your teeth look whiter. Your veneers will be permanently secured to your teeth, and offer a long-term upgrade to your smile.