Quiz: Making Smile Improvements

quiz making smile improvementsIf you think your dentist is just here to help with your oral health, think again. There are several procedures that your dentist can perform that fall under the field of cosmetic dentistry. These services are intended to help with matters of your appearance, not your health. While your oral health is the primary concern, you can discuss treatment options for teeth that look discolored, are misshapen, or exhibit other physical issues. Not every treatment offers the same outcome. For instance, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers can both improve your smile, but they provide different results. If you are unsure of what treatment you should select, you can talk to your dentist for guidance, and see how you can secure the smile you would like to show off. 


True Or False: A teeth whitening treatment is not ideal for every type of discoloration.

True Or False: Dental bonding uses the same material used to provide tooth fillings.

True Or False: Porcelain veneers should be removed before you eat, and when you clean your teeth.


True! The stains in your enamel that discolor your teeth can be effectively addressed through a whitening treatment. However, intrinsic discoloration can still persist after whitening. Other cosmetic procedures can effectively hide this sort of discoloration.

True! Both dental bonding and tooth fillings use composite resin. This biocompatible material can look like healthy enamel.

False! Your porcelain veneers are permanently placed on your teeth. These thin shells are manufactured to be durable enough to handle biting and chewing forces. You will continue to clean your teeth as you did before receiving veneers, with the caveat that you may want to move to a non-abrasive toothpaste. Veneers are meant to be a permanent alteration, and can be a long-lasting smile improvement when you take care of them.