3 Reasons To Take Tooth Loss Seriously

3 reasons to take tooth loss seriouslyTooth loss can complicate your oral health, and disrupt your ability to chew, speak, and eat the way you are used to. You could lose a tooth after an accident, or because of an untreated cavity, though the most common reason an adult suffers tooth loss is from complications of advanced gum disease. Regardless of what caused your tooth loss, you should know that prosthetic dental options, like a dental bridge, can help you recover your smile. You can even effectively address the loss of your tooth root by receiving a dental implant.

1. You Could Lose More Teeth

The close proximity of neighboring teeth actually contributes to helping keep your teeth stable. When a tooth is left standing next to a gap, that tooth is more vulnerable to being lost.

2. You Could Start To Suffer From Jaw Pains

Tooth loss can force adjustments to the way you bite and chew food, because you have an absence to work around. If you are self-conscious about how tooth loss affects your appearance, it may change how you speak. These changes can put you at increased risk for TMJ problems, which can hurt your quality of life by causing you to experience chronic discomfort. When you replace a lost tooth, you can regain the ability to more comfortably move your jaw.

3. Replacing A Lost Tooth Can Mean Regaining Your Smile

It is worth noting that your confidence in your smile plays a part in influencing your overall smile. You can receive a dental prosthetic that has a lifelike appearance, so that your smile looks the way it did before tooth loss occurred.