Do You Put Off Dental Visits?

do you put off dental visitsWhat you do for your teeth between dental visits can have a significant influence on how healthy your teeth stay. With that being said, at-home care does not do enough for your oral health to replace checkups with your dentist. One reason these checkups are important is that your dentist can find a small problem, and put a stop to it before you have a big problem. For instance, a cavity will grow over time. If it is caught early, you can spare more of your tooth from being affected by decay, and a composite resin filling can replace what was lost. However, if it is not found in time, and continues to grow, a more involved treatment method can be required.

A Cavity’s Size Can Affect How It Is Treated

Why should the size of your cavity matter for treatment? The answer is because at a certain point, you could have too much of your tooth removed to be reliably supported by a filling. When this happens, your dentist can have your tooth protected with a dental crown instead of a filling. Because of CEREC technology, even if you need a crown, you can still have your restoration completed in a single visit.

Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Is Available For People Who Have Allowed Dental Problems To Accumulate

If you have been a longstanding holdout when it comes to dental appointments, one treatment may not be enough to fully fix your oral health. For those who have more advanced problems, a full-mouth rehabilitation program can be undertaken. This means you and your dentist will put together a planned sequence of treatments to fix your oral health.