A CEREC Crown Can Mean Dental Relief In Less Time

a cerec crown can mean dental relief in less timeIt would be hard to find anyone who wishes it would take more time to resolve a dental problem. In cases where a person needs more advanced restorative work done, a dental crown is commonly required to protect the problem tooth. In the past, you would have to wait until the crown was developed to have it placed, but CEREC makes it possible for you to have your dental crown in one visit. This is thanks to technology that enables your dentist to take necessary measurements, have a porcelain crown constructed with equipment in the office, and place the crown on your tooth over one appointment.

Problems That Can Be Fixed With Dental Crowns

Any problem that can cause structural damage to a tooth can lead to your needing a dental crown. This includes cavities, which damage your enamel, and spread harmful bacteria as they grow. Larger cavities tend to need dental crowns, especially those cavities that manage to damage the tooth’s nerves. Physical damage can also be serious enough to warrant a dental crown.

Staying On Top Of Your Oral Health Can Mean Fixing A Problem Before A Crown Is Needed

While physical injuries can offer precious little warning, tooth decay can be caught and treated before a crown is necessary. Unfortunately, it may be hard for you to notice when a cavity just starts to develop. One reason regular dental appointments are recommended is because it can be your dentist’s chance to catch a cavity early. Those small cavities can be fixed with a tooth filling.