Pain Relief From Your Dentist

pain relief from your dentistTrying to “grin and bear it” when it comes to tooth pain could leave you at the mercy of a worsening problem. You could have one of many excuses for failing to have a problem examined – you could have trouble dedicating time for a visit, or feel the problem is only temporary. What you should know is that there are real consequences to letting an issue go unchecked. The most immediate effect is having to spend more time in pain. If the discomfort is related to an endodontic problem (a problem within your tooth), putting off treatment could lead to permanent damage, and cost you your tooth. Pain does not have to be rooted in your tooth to qualify for dental treatment. Pain from TMJ problems, which your dentist can treat, can exist in your face, neck, and head.

Solving TMJ Problems

The pain from issues with your TMJ can affect different areas because of your jaw’s connection with the trigeminal nerve. In addition to controlling jaw movement, this nerve also controls sensation in the areas of your head, neck, and face. Your dentist can help if an ongoing jaw disorder is causing you to experience frequent discomfort.

Why You Should NOT Put Off Having A Painful Tooth Looked At

For pain in your tooth, you should talk to your dentist. It could be that a cavity has reached into your pulp – because of the nerves housed there, this can be uncomfortable, and cause pain or excessive sensitivity. It can also leave no choice but to have the tooth removed. Your dentist can take care of the issue and place a dental crown on the tooth. However, with the aid of regular checkups, you could have cavities found and removed while they are still eligible to be fixed with a dental filling.