Taking Care Of A Problem Tooth

taking care of a problem toothYou only need one problematic tooth to throw off your smile, and potentially your oral health. Did you know that a cavity can spread past the tooth where it originally formed? This can be avoided with prompt treatment, but if you do not act on a tooth that hurts, or is especially sensitive, it can grow into a larger problem. A healthy tooth with an unusual appearance can also be addressed with a cosmetic treatment. A problem tooth is worth a trip to your dentist. Cavity relief should be sought sooner, not later. If you have it looked at in time, your tooth can be treated with a filling. If you are after cosmetic relief, your dentist can help you feel better about your smile by improving the look of a single tooth.

A Tooth That Feels Painful, Or Sensitive

If you have a tooth that is particularly sensitive to heat and cold, or if it routinely causes you pain, you should let your dentist know. Pain in a tooth can be caused by a cavity that has started to infect the living tissue at its center. When decay reaches that area of your tooth – the pulp – it can do serious damage. A dental crown will be needed to restore your tooth if too much of it was lost to the cavity.

Taking Care Of A Tooth With Cosmetic Problems

Bonding is commonly used to treat a tooth with esthetic problems. Bonding can cover up chips and cracks, as well as discoloration. However, if physical flaws are related to a dental injury that needs physical restoration, you may need a dental crown placed on the tooth.