Your Diet Plays A Part In Maintaining Your Oral Health

your diet plays a part in maintaining your oral healthThe choices you make regarding your diet can have obvious effects on your overall health, but certain foods and drinks can also have particular effects on your oral health. Items that are acidic, contain high amounts of sugar, or tend to be stickier can cause problems for your teeth. Darker beverages can stain your teeth, which may require professional whitening treatments to resolve. By limiting your sugar intake, drinking water, and avoiding foods that can be sticky, or difficult to chew, you can reduce your risk for developing problems with your teeth.

Sugar And Cavities

When the bacteria in your mouth interact with sugar, they produce acids. Those acids can weaken your enamel, and eventually begin to erode your teeth. This erosion leads to the formation of cavities. If you consume an excess of sugar in your diet, you increase your risk for developing a cavity. If a cavity does form, it can be treated with a filling. However, if you do not treat it promptly, it can worsen, and infect the interior of your tooth. If this occurs, you could require a root canal treatment.

How Your Diet Can Affect How Your Teeth Look

Dark beverages, like sodas, coffee, tea, and red wine, can stain the enamel of your teeth. If your teeth have become discolored, you may need a professional whitening treatment from your dentist to restore their color. Replacing flavored beverages with water can reduce your risk for stained teeth. Foods that are sticky, or are hard to chew, can harm your teeth. If you suffer a chipped or cracked tooth, a dental bonding treatment from your dentist can restore its appearance.