Dental Implants Keep Replacement Teeth Secure

dental implants keep replacement teeth secureMissing one or several teeth can affect the way you eat, and the way you talk. It can also leave teeth surrounding the absence vulnerable to loss. There are several ways in which lost teeth can complicate your life, beyond how it can affect your confidence in your smile. Dental implants can replace unsightly absences with replacement teeth that mimic the look of natural teeth. In order to keep these replacements firmly in place, an implant is inserted to your jaw, which can anchor these replacements, to keep them secure.

The Importance Of Replacing Lost Teeth

It can be easy to think of replacing a lost tooth as a solely cosmetic issue, but your teeth are meant to work as an unbroken unit, and a lost tooth can cause several complications. Depending on where tooth loss has occurred, the way you bite and chew your food will be impacted. The adjustments you make will put increased wear on your remaining teeth. The space created by a lost tooth will leave surrounding teeth more susceptible to movement, which can put those teeth at greater risk of being lost as well.

How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant is comprised of two separate parts. A titanium post is inserted into your jaw bone. This post will serve as an anchor. Once it is in place, a replacement tooth is inserted onto the post. The post mimics the function of the root of a natural tooth, so that your replacement tooth is securely fastened to your mouth, and can withstand the wear and tear placed upon your teeth. Dental implants can fix an unsightly lost tooth, or can be part of a comprehensive plan to fully restore your mouth.