What are the Dangers of Resorbed Roots?

Happy PairResorb means to absorb something again. In terms of dental health, resorption of roots means that the body begins a process which is quite dangerous to your dental health. Root absorption (or resorption) refers to changes which occur with respect to your dental roots, not exclusive to decay or fracture (though unhealthy teeth can cause the phenomenon). Sheridan dentists, Dr. Cody Coon, Dr. Justin Coon, and Dr. Donald Coon will share more about root absorption.

Internal or External Absorption

There are two areas where resorption of roots can begin: internally or externally. Internal resorption starts inside the innermost surfaces of your tooth roots. The root surface forms a boundary for each individual tooth’s nerve chamber. Conversely, external resorption starts at the outermost surface of the roots. This is where jawbone and roots connect through the ligament which holds a tooth within its socket. Both processes are highly destructive to your dental health and can lead to the loss of your tooth if you don’t seek treatment. There are some unfortunate cases where tooth loss is inevitable regardless of treatment, but the sooner attention is paid to the problem, the better.

Early Treatment is Important

If your body has begun the process of internal root resorption, this is a relatively simple phenomenon compared to external resorption of roots. Internal root resorption is most often the result of untreated chronic inflammation in the nerves of a particular tooth. This area where nerves and roots reside is also known as dental pulp. Unfortunately, inflammation of these tissues does not always present with symptoms. This inflammation is sometimes the result of irritation after a deep filling has been placed, or trauma from dental injury has ensued. However, inflammation can also arise from infection of gum tissues or teeth (i.e. periodontal disease and tooth decay). Root resorption is usually progressive and if it proceeds all the way to your root’s external surface, that’s the point where saving the tooth might be out of the question. Early treatment, as with all dental issues, provides the best opportunity for a successful reversal.

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