Gum Disease: More Dangerous than you Think?

Three WomenGum disease is very prevalent in the United States. For a while, it was believed that the biggest concern regarding periodontal infections was losing a permanent tooth. This is still a valid concern that might reach fruition without good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. However, there are more reasons than tooth loss to worry about the presence of periodontal disease. Oral-systemic health means that your dental health affects your overall health. Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon offers more information about the potential journey of bacteria which originates in your mouth.

Is Bacteria Inhalable?

Some bacteria can enter your gums and then your body through your saliva. These swift germs adhere to the microscopic water droplets in the air. Each time you breathe in, you are susceptible to germ-laced water droplets that can easily enter your lungs. When bacteria are aspirated into your lungs you can end up with serious conditions such as pulmonary infections or pneumonia. When it comes to elderly folks or anyone with compromised immune systems, health conditions of the lungs are particularly dangerous.

Secondary Infections

When the germs which cause periodontal disease enter your body, you may end up with a systemic inflammatory response. Inflammation is at the core of many dangerous health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and heart disease.  If you need orthopedic implants but you suffer from severe periodontal disease, you could have a rejection of the implant. The same bacteria which cause gum disease have actually been found on these orthopedic implants that have failed. Oral germs even enter the circulatory system of the body, as has been discovered in scientific research studies. These travel patterns of bacteria often result in dangerous, and even life-threatening secondary infections. 

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