How Much do you Know about Dental Cleanings?

Smile Looking DownIf you are in the groove with six month dental cleanings, you probably already have your next one on your calendar. If you are off schedule for some reason, don’t fret. It’s never too late to get back on track. Still, Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, would like you to make note of the importance of biannual dental cleanings. To highlight this fact, we challenge you to a true-or-false quiz on the topic.


Q1. True or false – Dental checkups cover cleanings and examinations for gum disease and tooth decay, but not oral cancer screenings.
Q2. True or false – If you can’t make it to the dentist every six months, you can clean your own teeth at home with drugstore dental instruments.
Q3. True or false – Gum disease cannot be cured, but is treatable with a deep cleaning.


A1. FALSE – Dr. Coon and the rest of our team will make sure your teeth are cleaned as well as examined for tooth decay, gum disease, and also oral cancer.
A2. FALSE – The professional tools used by your hygienist for safe removal of dental plaque and tartar buildup is something that requires practice and education. Though dental tools are available over-the-counter, teeth cleanings are not a DIY prospect. Biannual dental cleanings allow us to free your teeth of plaque and tartar buildup. All you need to do in between is brush and floss your teeth regularly.
A3. TRUE – When plaque and tartar buildup at your gumline, bacteria irritates and infects your gum tissues. Your inflamed gums will pull away from your teeth as severe gum disease sets in. Periodontal pockets develop when gum disease reaches the point of periodontitis (severe gum disease). This is incurable, but a deep cleaning can free teeth and gums of bacteria. If you do have periodontal pockets or severe enough gum infection, root planning and scaling are forms of deeper cleaning which may be necessary. We also offer a system called Perio Protect® which includes custom-fitted trays and antiseptic gel designed to manage bacterial colonies which have set up camp in your gum tissues.

Comprehensive Dental Cleaning in Sheridan

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