Avoiding Pitfalls that Can Damage your Smile

Pain in JawDo you believe that sugar causes cavities? This is a common misconception. Yes, sucrose is a contributing element in the reaction that takes place inside your mouth when tooth decay is created. However, by itself, it’s like having wood in your fireplace, but no match. Oral bacteria called Streptococcus mutans live inside your mouth and feed on sugar and refined carbohydrates. This fuel allows them to produce lactic acid. Sheridan, WY family dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, does not want you to eat tons of sugar and neglect your teeth, but there are certain dental myths to be aware of.

Mindful Dental Self-Care

Would your teeth be healthier if you never ingested sugar again? You would certainly be in better shape as far as your oral health is concerned. However, you may be surprised as to how many foods are metabolized into sucrose. If you enjoy foods like bread and crackers, you are not doing your teeth any favors. Oral hygiene comes into play as well, of course. Brushing after you eat is a natural assumption, but be forewarned about one important thing: When the food or beverage you consume has acidic qualities, follow the one hour rule. Since acid softens your tooth enamel, you’ll want to rinse with water and give your teeth 60 minutes to re-harden so that your oral hygiene efforts won’t backfire and cause permanent damage on your teeth.

Aspirin is to be Swallowed

Have you ever had a toothache and been told that a great cure is aspirin? We’re not talking about taking aspirin, but actually holding aspirin to the spot where your tooth hurts. While this old remedy is still prevalent in some families, it is not safe for your gum tissues. When ingested orally, aspirin stops the production of prostaglandins. This is what halts the pain messages to your brain. Held to your gums or anywhere inside your mouth, however, you can actually end up with an unnecessary chemical burn from aspirin that will cause more pain than you already have from your toothache.

Visit your Sheridan Family Dentist

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