Sheridan Dentist on Being Proactive in Fighting Oral HPV

Smiling Mother and DaughterHuman papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common disease that you may have heard of. If you have been diagnosed with HPV, you are among at least 20 million other Americans. Every year, another 6 million new cases are discovered. Women are generally tested for the HPV virus during their annual well-woman exams/pap smears. Unfortunately, the very same virus that can be discovered by your ob/gyn can also occur in the mouth. Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, will explain the details of how Oral DNA testing makes a great detector for both HPV and periodontal disease.

Connecting Oral HPV to Oral Cancer

The HPV virus is the same no matter which part of your body it occurs in. If you end up with oral HPV, you will have a heightened risk for developing oral cancer. Oral cancer can be quite difficult to diagnose. In the early stages, the symptoms of oral cancer are often vague in the early stages. Once the cancer has progressed to where symptoms are more obvious, the survival rate becomes significantly lower. Just like the oral cancer it can contribute to, the HPV virus presents with few, or no symptoms. Luckily, there have been advances in DNA testing which can give you a leg up in recognizing oral cancer as early as possible.

DNA Testing in Relation to Dental Health

OralDNA can help dentists collect data on the quantities and variations of bacteria in your mouth. Not only does this provide important and helpful information to battle oral HPV early, but it also can detect periodontal disease (gum disease). When it comes to gum disease, your gingival tissues become inflamed and infected. The symptoms of periodontal infection include swollen gums, gum recession, and periodontal pockets. In fact, gum disease is the most common cause of adult tooth loss. There are even oral-systemic implications. Gum disease is connected to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. This makes OralDNA testing a great asset to preventive dental care.

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