Sheridan Dentist Tells the Truth About Root Canals

Smiling Girl Fall LeavesYou’ve probably heard someone say, “I’d rather get a root canal than have the flu,” or some such similar comparison. Root canals have somehow ended up with the reputation of being as unpleasant as it gets in the world of dental procedures. Most patients who end up needing a root canal procedure may panic, given this line of thinking. That’s why root canal patients are usually pleasantly s surprised that the level of discomfort involved with this restorative repair is pretty similar to getting a regular filling. Your Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, will explain the basics of removing infection and repairing damage at the roots of your teeth.

Taking a Look Inside

Root canal is the short name for the procedure which has been adopted by many. In actuality, root canals are passageways inside your teeth. You have one to four roots, and a matching number of canals in each of your individual teeth. The root canals branch from just below the crowns of your teeth down to the tip of the roots. Roots are located in the pulp of your teeth, along with blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. Just like any other part of your mouth, your sensitive roots can become over-run by bacteria. Once infection spreads, it can result in an abscessed tooth. You could end up needing to have your entire tooth extracted in you neglect treatment.

The Root Canal Procedure

Before you let your infection spread and end up having to wave goodbye to an entire tooth, you may be able to stave of drastic measures with a root canal procedure. This will stop the infection and restore full function to your infected tooth and roots. Removal of decay and cleansing and disinfecting will be the first step. Your Sheridan dentist is able to reshape root canals that have become malformed. Finally, the area is filled with medicine to prevent further infection. A temporary filling or crown is placed over the rehabilitated tooth. This protects your dental pulp while you await your next dental appointment. When your personalized tooth-like crown is fabricated, you’ll come back in for a final appointment and fitting.

Root Canals from your Sheridan Dentist

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