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Politician SmilingPersonal politics aside, you’ve probably been attuned to more government matters than usual over the last week or so. Part of a politician’s business is emitting a certain degree of friendliness and kindness. Nothing can portray a sense of being relatable more than a warm smile. Yet public figures are often coached on how to create smiles out of thin air, even if they aren’t feeling particularly happy during a speech or on the campaign trail. Your Sheridan dentist, Dr. Donald Coon, would like to share some interesting facts about smiles in our government throughout U.S. history.

Smile Preferences

People with a nice, confident smile are thought to receive more frequent promotions and receive higher salaries in the work place. It is no wonder that smiles are an essential element in a presidential campaign. In fact, the Impulse Research Corporation, on behalf of the American College of Prosthodontists (ACP) conducted a survey during the 2004 presidential election that showed 62 percent of people preferred George W. Bush’s smile to that of John Kerry.

Political Prosthetics

George Washington has long been rumored to have sported wooden dentures in his mouth to replace his missing teeth. In actuality, President Washington had two complete sets of dentures that were made from much more refined and expensive materials than termite-prone wood. Carved from hippopotamus ivory and gold, one set of President Washington’s teeth were loaned to the Smithsonian Museum in 1976. Unfortunately, the presidential dentures were stolen from the storage area before they were ever displayed. They have yet to be recovered after all of these years.

Can You Feel It?

An interesting thing to consider as you watch political figures speak is how often they flash posed smiles. Also known as false smiles, posed smiles are not genuine, but are often flashed in the middle of speeches in response to audience applause or to emphasize a clever joke inserted into the speech. Felt smiles are real and sincere. To tell if your favorite politician means it when they are smiling, take a look at their eyes. Felt smiles elicit muscle contraction that will give a tell-tale crinkle in the eye are.

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