How Would You Like to Whiten Your Teeth in Just One Visit?

pretty woman with a bright smileYou probably wouldn’t want to leave your car at a shop for the day just to have it washed and waxed. Likewise, you might not want to undergo extensive dental treatment just to whiten common tooth stains, which are the most-often complained about tooth blemish. At your Sheridan cosmetic dentist’s office, you have a choice of professional teeth-whitening treatments that can have little to no impact on your hectic daily schedule, including one-visit teeth-whitening that can brighten your smile in as little as an hour.

A Brighter Smile in the Span of Your Lunch Break

Many patients seeking to whiten their teeth in a hurry can do so in just one visit with our one-visit teeth-whitening treatment. While protecting your lips and gums, Dr. Coon will apply a professional-strength bleaching agent that’s activated with a special curing light, brightening your smile up to 8-10 shades in about the same time as an average lunch break.

Teeth-Whitening and Touchups from Home

After your one-visit teeth-whitening treatment, or if you prefer to whiten your teeth initially on your own schedule, ask Dr. Coon about our at-home teeth whitening kits, which contain custom-crafted whitening trays that allow you to evenly apply the bleaching agent over your teeth’s surfaces. After only two weeks, your smile will be as bright as ever, and you can keep the trays to touch up your smile’s appearance whenever you deem necessary.

Ask Your Sheridan Dentist About One-Visit Teeth Whitening

If you’re smile doesn’t shine as bright as you’d like and you want to learn more about our at-home and one-visit teeth-whitening options, then schedule a consultation with your Sheridan cosmetic dentist by contacting Grinnell Street Dental at (307) 672-7567. Located in the 82801 are, we welcome patients from Sheridan, WY and all surrounding communities.