Sheridan Dentists Explain Other Reasons for Tooth Loss

pretty girl covering mouthRecently, we discussed why severe gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss, as well as the destruction of your smile’s foundation. However, gum disease isn’t the only manner by which one or more of your teeth can leave the nest. To help you preserve a whole and healthy smile, your Sheridan dentist, Dr. Coon, explains a few other common reasons behind adult tooth loss.

Extreme Tooth Decay

While gum disease attacks your gums and jawbone, tooth decay directly attacks the structures of your teeth and leads to holes called cavities, which continue to grow until treated. Typically, tooth decay can be treated by removing the decayed structure to halt the spread of infection, then replacing the extracted tooth structure with a dental filling. In some cases, severe decay can render your tooth useless, and if left untreated, your tooth can fall out or require extraction.

Severe Dental Trauma

Chipped or slightly cracked teeth can be cosmetically unpleasing, but if the fracture is deep enough, it can threaten your tooth’s very existence. A porcelain dental crown can often be placed over a cracked tooth to protect it from harm during every day use. If the crack extends all the way to the root, however, then protection may not be an option, and Dr. Coon may have to extract and replace it.

Weak Jawbone

After losing one or more teeth, specifically their roots, your jawbone can begin to suffer from the loss. Healthy roots, which are embedded into your jawbone, provide necessary stimulation that signals your body to send an adequate amount of nutrients. Losing roots and their stimulation means losing some of the nutrients your jawbone relies on. In time, the deterioration can make your jaw too weak to retain the rest of your natural teeth and lead to further tooth loss.

Preserve or Restore Your Smile with Help from Your Sheridan Dentists

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