Dental Cleanings in Sheridan: More Important than You May Know

checking teethWhile most people are aware that brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is vital to keeping your smile clean, but how often do you visit your dentist for a regular dental checkup and cleaning? Your daily hygiene ritual is fairly simple and can be practiced in a matter of minutes every day, but visiting the dentist’s office every six months may seem like more of a chore. Your Sheridan dentist, Dr. Coon, explains why your dental cleaning is also vital to your smile’s health, and why you shouldn’t ignore professional maintenance when caring for your oral health.

What Your Toothbrush Can’t Do for You

The point of brushing and flossing your teeth is to control the buildup of dental plaque, which contains over 600 different kinds of oral bacteria. Some of these germs produce acid that erodes your tooth enamel (the strong protective layer around your teeth), and others can irritate and inflame your gum tissue, paving the way for gum disease. While brushing and flossing is essential, however, it is not full-proof, and missing a spot of plaque now and then is natural. After about 48 hours, dental plaque calcifies (hardens) into tartar, which is more stubborn than plaque and cannot be removed with your toothbrush and floss.

Why You Shouldn’t Postpone Your Dental Cleanings

Unlike cleaning your house, a clean mouth can’t wait until later. As the name suggests, oral bacteria inhabit your mouth, and they’re attacks on your dental health occur continuously. Postponing your professional dental cleaning can allow these germs the chance they need to harm your teeth and gums, and once tooth decay or gum disease sets in, your immediate action is required to treat the disease before your smile suffers extensive damage.

Keep Your Smile Clean with Help from Your Sheridan Dentists

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