Sheridan Dentist Discusses Abscess Prevention

The formation of an abscess is common for patients of all ages, primarily those affected by tooth decay or gum disease. Building a wall around the infection, an abscess is actually one way the body attempts to protect itself from harm.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Tooth decay and gum disease are both driving factors in the development of bacterial infections. Appearing at the tooth’s root, a periapical abscess generally affects those patients with tooth decay. Untreated cavities can devolve quickly, sometimes resulting in an absess, so proper preventive oral care is always recommended.
Unlike a periapical abscess (located near the root of a decayed tooth), a periodontal abscess is usually attributed to an infection located between the tooth and gum. In many advanced periodontal disease cases, food becomes lodged between a tooth and the gumline. Without care and treatment from your local Sheridan dentist, the resulting infection could spread to the rest of the body.

Dental Pain, Go Away

There’s good news and bad news, but both come in the same form: pain. Unfortunately, throbbing pain is usually reported in conjunction with abscess development. However, most patients wisely seek professional care rapidly due to the severity of the situation. Abscesses are a serious issue and require professional attention. Treating an infection is not incredibly difficult if managed quickly and properly. Generally, antibiotics are prescribed to help the body fight infection following a thorough evaluation, cleaning, and treatment.

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