Sheridan Dentist Explains How Dentures Compare to Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement Security

One of the biggest fears associated with dentures is the mortifying possibility of them falling out. Dentures are notorious for slipping or shifting during chewing or speaking. These dental restorations are often held by suction in your mouth or messy denture pastes. Dental implants alleviate these fears by securing your tooth replacement with an implanted rod. The biocompatible titanium rod is bonded to your jawbone so that your dental prosthetic stays exactly where it should be. Dental implants will not slip or feel loose even when you eat tougher foods like steak or corn on the cob.

Dental Implants and Convenience

Fragile dentures may require special attention to keep them healthy. Denture wearers must remove their artificial teeth at night and place them in a cleaning solution. However, dental implants allow you to wake up every morning with your teeth in place. That’s because dental implants are fixed in your mouth. Since they so closely mimic the function of your natural teeth, you can brush and floss them just like your other teeth, instead of placing them in a glass at night. With frequent dental checkups, our Sheridan dentist, Dr. Coon, can help ensure the success of your tooth implants for a lifetime.

Ill-Fitting Dentures

Dentures that do not fit to your mouth shape can sometimes be more irritating than having no teeth at all. In addition, ill-fitting dentures can present problems for your oral health. Over time, your jawbone will begin to shrink without tooth root stimulation. This causes your face shape to change and your dentures to no longer fit. Dental implants replace missing teeth and bond a rod into the jawbone to act as s tooth root. The stimulation from the dental implant mimics tooth root stimulation and encourages a healthy jawbone.

Dental Implants in Sheridan, WY

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