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Use Dental Crowns To Restore Your Smile

 Our teeth are extremely vital to our everyday life. They chew up our food up so our bodies can more easily swallow and digest it, they help us enunciate words, support our faces structures, and when they look good, we look good. We want to make sure we protect our smile and take care of… Read more »

Quiz: What To Expect From Your Dental Restoration

After a cavity is removed, your dentist needs to make sure your tooth does not lose its ability to withstand biting and chewing pressures. Unfortunately, enamel damage caused by decay is permanent. However, a dental filling will cover the lost material – the composite resin material used to make your filling will be a good… Read more »

Finding The Right Way To Deal With Dental Damage

Dental damage can be significant – you could suffer a serious crack in your tooth, or even lose it in an injury. However, there is also a degree of damage that can build up slowly over time. The strain that everyday habits of biting and chewing can place on teeth can lead to visible wear… Read more »

Choosing Your Dental Prosthetic

Seeking out a dental prosthetic can help you feel comfortable smiling again, but your benefits extend beyond the cosmetic. A permanent prosthetic can be of use when you bite and chew food, and you can face a lower risk for TMJ problems. Your dentist can offer up a few different options for securing a replacement… Read more »

What Happens If I Have A Problem With My Filling?

A secure dental filling will offset the potential loss of structural integrity that occurs when your dentist removes decay from a tooth. As long as you practice good oral care, have regular dental checkups, and avoid habits that can harm your teeth, you should be able to count on your filling for many years. If… Read more »

Dental Crowns Take Care Of Vulnerable Teeth

Different measures are taken to restore a tooth after cavity removal. For a smaller cavity, you will receive a dental filling. If the cavity is too large, however, then a filling will not be approved for the task of supporting your tooth. These cavities are taken care of with a dental crown. Dental crowns offer… Read more »

What Happens If You Leave Tooth Loss Unaddressed?

What kind of threat does tooth loss really pose to your oral health? The threat it poses to your appearance can depend on where you have missing teeth. If the gap in your smile is harder to see, it can do less harm to your appearance. That being said, there is still a functional concern…. Read more »

Quiz: Different Strategies For Restoring Your Tooth

Why would there be different methods for restoring a tooth with a cavity? The way your dentist sets out to stop the spread of decay, and return your tooth to good health, can depend on the severity of your problem. One concern is whether the infection has spread to within your tooth. If you have… Read more »

Repairing A Tooth With A Filling Or A Dental Crown

The first step to repairing a tooth that is suffering from decay is to remove the infected area. Once your dentist has removed this portion of your tooth, and cleaned it, they will need to restore it by replacing what was lost. There are two main methods to produce this restoration. If the cavity in question… Read more »

A Cavity’s Size Will Affect How It Is Treated

Imagine you are going to see your dentist about a cavity. Do you know what will come of that treatment? How will your dentist care for your tooth? The answer is partly dependent on how long you waited for help, and how much the cavity has grown. A cavity forms over time, the consequence of… Read more »